I want a puppy

August 7 2018 I celebrated my 50th birthday. It’s a big milestone. For me this was a big deal because it wasn’t easy getting here. I’ve survived several life threatening cardiac events and other chronic illnesses as well as major depression and losing everything I loved. I literally had to start over so having weathered many storms I really wanted to celebrate. I didn’t have money for a big trip or a big party but John and I decided to invite my closest friends to go on a hot air balloon ride. I thought it would be a special memory for us all. We booked the event for September. September in Oregon is beautiful usually warm and sunny safe from the rainy season though let’s be honest there’s always a chance of rain in Oregon any time of year. It was a week til the big event and the 10 day forecast on my phone said sunny. Great! I was getting so excited and kind of scared. Each day following I would look at my weather forecast on the phone and it started changing, of course. Sure enough several days before our big event the balloon company calls and told me it doesn’t look good with high winds and possible lightening and thunder. I was so disappointed and my friends were too. My big birthday celebration about to be cancelled, UGH! Well it did get cancelled but we all got together for a lovely brunch at Mother’s in downtown Portland. I knew it was a popular place so I made a reservation and we arrived early. I knew it would be busy but as we arrived early that morning I forgot about the thousands of people that were downtown for Race For The Cure event. Literally there were pink shirt participants everywhere and a huge mass outside the restaurant. Regardless we had a lovely brunch, not the big celebration I wanted but it was still special.

Disappointment is hard. I used to be a really flexible person and when things didn’t work out the way I expected then I was ok with it. Lately though I’ve been having trouble with this. I was so disappointed that my big plans didn’t work out the way I envisioned. I should be used to this. Expect the unexpected should be my motto.

Well in my state of disappointment, an idea was born. ” I want a puppy,” I said to John.

John is my partner, my rock, and my fiance. He has been through everything with me and miraculously still wants to marry me.

My primary doctor recommended I get a puppy. She thought it would help me recover from all the traumatic events of the past and help my well being, so that’s my angle, my doctor recommended I get a dog. John certainly would say yes. We received a refund from the balloon ride company and I was on a quest to find the perfect puppy. I settled on a golden doodle breed. I have asthma and allergies so I need a non shedding breed. I think the golden doodle are adorable. I found several breeders but many I contacted had sold their litter. Finally I found a perfect little puppy in WA. Her name was Daisy and I was in love. We quickly paid for her and in two weeks my life would change more than I knew was possible.

Daisy 8 weeks